Are Your Headlines Losing You Business?

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The difference between personal salesmanship and advertising lies primarily in the degree of human contact. The salesman’s presence alone demands attention, and can’t be ignored. We know full well, that an advertisement can easily be ignored.

One of the major differences is that a salesman may waste a lot of their time on prospects that they may never be able to influence. As we all know, not everyone can be persuaded into making a purchase. An advertisement however is only read by people who are truly interested in the product, and, by their own volition, willingly study what it is we have to say.

So, when talking about headlines, know that the purpose is to pick out people that are going to be interested. You want to talk to someone in a crowd, so you’re going to need to single them out to get their attention.

Remember, you only care about the people who are interested in your product. Your headline needs to talk to those people alone. Many companies make the mistake of using an amusing headline or some clever play on words to attract more of an audience. Know that though you may get more prospects, many of them will never qualify as a potential customer for you. To make matters worse, your message may be distorted and your real customers may never realize that you have just what they need.

A full page advertisement on women’s clothing won’t gain a glance from a man, from a buying perspective of course, whereas an ad for men’s deodorant won’t at all cater to a woman’s interest.

If your headline attracts the interest of someone who could genuinely benefit from your product, they will read your body copy and have a much higher chance of converting into a customer. It’s a great misconception that consumers don’t read body copy, but that’s for another article.

-Babar Mirza



ninjaAre Your Headlines Losing You Business?

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