The 3 Items Your Website Needs For It To Sell

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Most business owners would agree that it’s important to have a website for their company brand. Everyone is on the internet so having a good website makes it really easy for clients to get into contact with you.

Here’s the issue.

Most websites are missing the key factors required to have a visitor take an appropriate call to action. In plain English, your website needs to make your clients life easier, not harder. It’s not supposed to be difficult for your client to get in touch with you.

So, here they are. The 3 major items your website needs to have.

1. Magical Solution

No one cares about your business, your website, how much money you’ve made or what you did last weekend. All they care about is their current problems and what you can do to help them out. Understand that you need to bring to the surface the deep problem that your visitors are trying to solve. This is called Problem Definition. If you can define someones problem better than they can, they will assume you have the solution. This is where you present your product as not just any solution, but the Magical Solution.

Sometimes, it’s enough to simply point out a problem so deep that it hurts your clients to read it. If you look at our website,, you’ll find a good example of this.

2. Proof And Credibility

Once the visitor of your site sees that you have a solution to their problem, they’re going to want to look to see if you’re actually able to deliver. There’s a lot of details and methods you can use to convey the fact that your solution is credible but we’re going to keep it simple. Have a testimonial or demonstration of your product readily visible on your website to have the biggest impact.

3. Call To Action

This one is the most important, yet most overlooked aspect of any website. The fact is, it doesn’t matter how well you do the other two steps, if the client doesn’t have an easy enough time contacting you, they’re simply not going to. Not only does it need to be simple for your customers to contact you, it needs to be tempting.

Also, make your “Contact Us” button or contact information the largest thing on the screen. The Call To Action is what transforms your website into an inbound sales machine. Without it, your website does nothing but increase brand awareness. You would be surprised at the number of websites ignoring this.

And let’s be honest here. Is someone going to go out of their way to read your content simply to know more about you?

One of my mentors always told me that the farmer down the road from his house was the most wealthy. When I asked why, my mentor replied,

“Attention to detail”.

-Babar Mirza



ninjaThe 3 Items Your Website Needs For It To Sell

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